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Roof Coatings in Eastern Idaho

Do you need a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your roof? Tri-State Roofing can help you. Our roof coatings fully adhere to an existing commercial roof, covering it in a protective, water-resistant membrane. In other words, this technique can effectively restore the appearance and functionality of your old roof!

Roof coatings produce a seamless, durable barrier which protects against leaks and reflects the sun’s rays. These reflective properties is effective in reducing your building’s energy consumption, resulting in significant energy-savings over time. Additionally, this process often eliminates the need for intensive roof tear-off and other costly measures associated with replacement.

Roof Coating Benefits
At Tri-State Roofing, we understand value comes through long-lasting roofing protection. That is why we use high-performance roof coating systems. Besides being another time-saving, economical option besides roof replacement, Conklin coating systems offer a large number of other advantages:

  • Require little to no roof tear-off
  • Reinforce a building’s structural integrity
  • Can prolong the life of an old roof
  • Tenacious, edge-to-edge protection
  • Up to Class A fire resistance & Class 4 impact resistance
  • Expand & contract with changing temperatures
  • Reflect up to 85% of the sun’s damaging rays
  • Strong UV resistance helps delay aging
  • Can lower A/C costs by 30% annually
  • Lower costs over roof’s life-cycle

To determine if a roof coating system can benefit your commercial or industrial roof, call us today at (208) 523-8406 or (800) 301-8406. A Tri-State technician will inspect your roof and provide expert advice.

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