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Tri State Roofing, Inc. leads the industry as a roof contractor that specializes in the roofing of manufactured homes and mobile homes. As far as roofing needs, these types of homes have very different roofing requirements from traditional residential roofing projects. Other roofing companies do not know how to solve the issues involved with these roofs or do not do them at all. We, at Tri State Roofing Inc., have over 30 years experience with the roofing issues on manufactured homes and mobile homes. That is how we started out over 30 years ago, so we know this type of home, how they are built, and we understand what those homes need as far as residential roofing systems go.

Tri State Roofing, Inc. treats manufactured and mobile home roofs differently than other roofing contractors—they solve the problem not just cover it up. We have a PVC based membrane that is 50 mil thick that is mechanically fastened to the roof trusses, and the exposed fastening devices are covered by the next roll of material and the seams are “vulcanized” or hot air welded so that the end result is no exposed screws, plates, or fastening devices. Thus, no way to leak! This product is light weight that is particularly suitable to this type of roofing. In addition, we can add insulation, which most of these homes have zero to very little of, to the top of the roof area with a light weight rigid insulation board that will help with heating and cooling costs. Also, the roofing material is UV reflective, which also reduces heating and cooling costs further. Our roofing membrane is not affected by snow and ice. We also have a product that closely resembles shingles for the manufactured or mobile home roofs, for those customers that would like the look of shingles but desire a virtually maintenance free roof.

Most manufactured and mobile homes are not built to tolerate a lot of weight on the roof area of the home. In addition, there is usually not a lot of air space between the inside ceiling and the actual roof, which causes insulation and condensation issues. Additionally, these types of homes have little to no pitch or slope, which excludes other roofing materials as optimum solutions for leaking and long-term solutions. Traditionally, metal is not a good solution because of the zero to low slope roof on a manufactured or mobile home, and shingles tend to blow off these roofs for the same reason.

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